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Hello! My name is Flat Stanley. I recently went to visit Molly's Uncle David in Maryland. I had a great time! We went to see a lot of things in Washington D.C. and Maryland. Uncle David took some pictures of where we went.

Click on any of the pictures below to read more about what we saw, or just click on the link below to see all the pictures.

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1. The Smithsonian Institution

2. The Capitol Building

3. The White House

4. The Washington Monument

5. The Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool

6. The World War II Memorial

7. The Jefferson Memorial

8. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

9. Rocket at the NASA Goddard Visitor's Center

10. Apollo Moon Capsule

11. Students from Georgetown Hill Early School

12. I'm in a Space Suit!

13. I went to Mars!

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