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The entire collection of Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games column from Scientific American magazine has been published in book form. The whole series of 15 books is now available on CD-ROM from the Mathematical Association of America.

The columns do not appear in the books in their original order, however. If you wish to read the columns in their original order, you may refer to the index below. The numbers in the "Book" column refer to the titles listed at the bottom of the page.


  Book  Chapter 
 Dec   1  Hexaflexagons 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   1  Magic with a Matrix 
 Feb   1  Nine Problems 
 Mar   1  Ticktacktoe 
 Apr   1  Probability Paradoxes 
 May   1  The Icosian Game and the Tower of Hanoi 
 Jun   1  Curious Topological Models 
 Jul   1  The Game of Hex 
 Aug   1  Sam Loyd: America's Greatest Puzzlist 
 Sep   1  Mathematical Card Tricks 
 Oct   1  Memorizing Numbers 
 Nov   1  Nine More Problems 
 Dec   1  Polyominoes 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   1  Fallacies 
 Feb   1  Nim and Tac Tix 
 Mar   1  Left or Right? 
 Apr   2  The Monkey and the Coconuts 
 May   2  Tetraflexagons 
 Jun   2  Henry Ernest Dudeney: England's Greatest Puzzlist 
 Jul   2  Digital Roots 
 Aug   2  Nine Problems 
 Sep   2  The Soma Cube 
 Oct   2  Recreational Topology 
 Nov   2  Squaring the Square 
 Dec   2  The Five Platonic Solids 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   2  Mazes 
 Feb   2  Recreational Logic 
 Mar   2  Magic Squares 
 Apr   2  James Hugh Riley Shows, Inc. 
 May   2  Nine More Problems 
 Jun   2  Eleusis: The Induction Game 
 Jul   2  Origami 
 Aug   2  Phi: The Golden Ratio 
 Sep   2  Mechanical Puzzles 
 Oct   2  Probability and Ambiguity 
 Nov   3  Euler's Spoilers: The Discovery of an Order-10 Graeco-Latin Square 
 Dec   3  Group Theory and Braids 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   2  The Mysterious Dr. Matrix 
 Feb   3  Eight Problems 
 Mar   3  The Games and Puzzles of Lewis Carroll 
 Apr   3  Board Games 
 May   3  Packing Spheres 
 Jun   3  Paper Cutting 
 Jul   3  The Transcendental Number Pi 
 Aug   3  Victor Eigen: Mathemagician 
 Sep   3  The Four-Color Map Theorem 
 Oct   3  Nine Problems 
 Nov   3  Polyominoes and Fault-Free Rectangles 
 Dec   3  The Binary System 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   9  Dr. Matrix (Los Angeles) 
 Feb   3  The Ellipse 
 Mar   3  The 24 Color Squares and the 30 Color Cubes 
 Apr   3  H.S.M Coxeter 
 May   3  Mr. Apollinax Visits New York 
 Jun   3  Nine More Problems 
 Jul   3  Bridg-it and Other Games 
 Aug   3  The Calculus of Finite Differences 
 Sep   4  Knots and Borromean Rings 
 Oct   4  The Transcendental Number e 
 Nov   4  Geometric Dissections 
 Dec   4  Scarne on Gambling 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   4  The Church of the Fourth Dimension 
 Feb   4  Eight Problems 
 Mar   4  A Matchbox Game-Learning Machine 
 Apr   4  Spirals 
 May   4  Rotations and Reflections 
 Jun   4  Peg Solitaire 
 Jul   4  Flatlands 
 Aug   4  Chicago Magic Convention 
 Sep   4  Tests of Divisibility 
 Oct   4  Nine Problems 
 Nov   4  The Eight Queens and Other Chessboard Diversions 
 Dec   4  A Loop of String 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   9  Dr. Matrix (Sing Sing) 
 Feb   4  Curves of Constant Width 
 Mar   4  The Paradox of the Unexpected Hanging 
 Apr   4  Thirty-Seven Catch Questions 
 May   4  Rep-Tiles: Replicating Figures on the Plane 
 Jun   5  The Helix 
 Jul   5  Klein Bottles and Other Surfaces 
 Aug   5  Combinatorial Theory 
 Sep   5  Bouncing Balls in Polygons and Polyhedrons 
 Oct   5  Four Unusual Board Games 
 Nov   5  The Rigid Square and Eight Other Problems 
 Dec   5  Parity Checks 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   9  Dr. Matrix (Chicago) 
 Feb   5  Sliding-Block Puzzles 
 Mar   5  Patterns and Primes 
 Apr   5  Graph Theory 
 May   5  The Ternary System 
 Jun   5  The Trip around the Moon and Seven Other Problems 
 Jul   5  The Cycloid: Helen of Geometry 
 Aug   5  Mathematical Magic Tricks 
 Sep   5  Word Play 
 Oct   5  The Pythagorean Theorem 
 Nov   5  Limits of Infinite Series 
 Dec   5  Polyiamonds 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   9  Dr. Matrix (Miami Beach) 
 Feb   5  Tetrahedrons 
 Mar   5  Coleridge's Apples and Eight Other Problems 
 Apr   5  Infinite Regress 
 May   5  The Lattice of Integers 
 Jun   5  O'Gara, the Mathematical Mailman 
 Jul   5  Op Art 
 Aug   5  Extraterrestrial Communication 
 Sep   6  Piet Hein's Superellipse 
 Oct   7  Polyominoes and Rectification 
 Nov   6  The Red-Faced Cube and Other Problems 
 Dec   6  Magic Stars and Polyhedrons 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   9  Dr. Matrix (Philadelphia) 
 Feb   6  Penny Puzzles 
 Mar   6  Aleph-null and Aleph-one 
 Apr   6  The Art of M. C. Escher 
 May   6  Cooks and Quibble-Cooks 
 Jun   6  How to Trisect an Angle 
 Jul   6  The Numerology of Dr. Fliess 
 Aug   6  The Rising Hourglass and Other Physics Puzzles 
 Sep   6  Mrs. Perkins' Quilt and Other Square-Packing Problems 
 Oct   6  Card Shuffles 
 Nov   6  Hypercubes 
 Dec   6  Pascal's Triangle 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   9  Dr. Matrix (Wordsmith College) 
 Feb   6  Jam, Hot, and Other Games 
 Mar   7  The Dragon Curve and Other Problems 
 Apr   6  Calculating Prodigies 
 May   6  Tricks of Lightning Calculators 
 Jun   7  Polyhexes and Polyaboloes 
 Jul   6  Sprouts and Brussels Sprouts 
 Aug   7  Factorial Oddities 
 Sep   7  Double Acrostics 
 Oct   7  Knights of the Square Table 
 Nov   7  The Cocktail Cherry and Other Problems 
 Dec   7  Game Theory, Guess It, Foxholes 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   9  Dr. Matrix (Squaresville) 
 Feb   7  Trees 
 Mar   7  Perfect, Amicable, Sociable 
 Apr   8  Dollar Bills 
 May   8  Spheres and Hyperspheres 
 Jun   7  Playing Cards 
 Jul   6  Random Numbers 
 Aug   7  Ridiculous Questions 
 Sep   7  Finger Arithmetic 
 Oct   7  Colored Triangles and Cubes 
 Nov   7  Dice 
 Dec   7  Möbius Bands 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   9  Dr. Matrix (Fifth Avenue) 
 Feb   8  Boolean Algebra 
 Mar   8  Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers 
 Apr   8  The Rotating Round Table and Other Problems 
 May   8  Random Walks and Gambling 
 Jun   8  Random Walks on the Plane and in Space 
 Jul   8  Matches 
 Aug   8  Simplicity 
 Sep   8  Mascheroni Constructions 
 Oct   9  Dr. Matrix (The Moon) 
 Nov   8  Patterns of Induction 
 Dec   8  Dominoes 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   8  The Abacus 
 Feb   8  Eccentric Chess and Other Problems 
 Mar   8  Cyclic Numbers 
 Apr   8  Solar System Oddities 
 May   8  Optical Illusions 
 Jun   8  Elegant Triangles 
 Jul  10  Diophantine Analysis and Fermat's Last Theorem 
 Aug   8  Palindromes: Words and Numbers 
 Sep  10  Wheels 
 Oct  10  The Game of Life, Part I 
 Nov  10  The Knotted Molecule and Other Problems 
 Dec  10  Nontransitive Dice and Other Probability Paradoxes 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan   9  Dr. Matrix (Honolulu) 
 Feb  10  The Game of Life, Part II 
 Mar  10  Alephs and Supertasks 
 Apr  10  Geometric Fallacies 
 May  10  The Combinatorics of Paper Folding 
 Jun   8  Can Machines Think? 
 Jul  10  A Set of Quickies 
 Aug  10  Ticktacktoe Games 
 Sep  10  Plaiting Polyhedrons 
 Oct  10  The Game of Halma 
 Nov  10  Advertising Premiums 
 Dec  10  Salmon on Austin's Dog 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan  10  Nim and Hackenbush 
 Feb   9  Dr. Matrix (Houston) 
 Mar  10  Golomb's Graceful Graphs 
 Apr  10  Charles Addams' Skier and Other Problems 
 May  10  Chess Tasks 
 Jun  10  Slither, 3X+1, and Other Curious Questions 
 Jul  10  Mathematical Tricks with Cards 
 Aug  11  The Binary Gray Code 
 Sep  11  Polycubes 
 Oct  11  Coincidence 
 Nov  11  Bacon's Cipher 
 Dec  11  Doughnuts: Linked and Knotted 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan  11  Sim, Chomp, and Race Track 
 Feb  11  Elevators 
 Mar  11  Napier's Bones 
 Apr  11  Napier's Abacus 
 May  11  The Tour of the Arrows and Other Problems 
 Jun  11  Crossing Numbers 
 Jul  11  Newcomb's Paradox 
 Aug   9  Dr. Matrix (Clairvoyance Test) 
 Sep  11  Point Sets on the Sphere 
 Oct  11  Look-See Proofs 
 Nov  11  Worm Paths 
 Dec  11  Waring's Problems 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan  11  The I Ching 
 Feb  11  Cram, Bynum and Quadraphage 
 Mar  11  Reflections on Newcomb's Paradox 
 Apr  11  Reverse the Fish and Other Problems 
 May  12  Time Travel 
 Jun   9  Dr. Matrix (Pyramid Lake) 
 Jul  12  Hexes and Stars 
 Aug  12  Tangrams, Part 1 
 Sep  12  Tangrams, Part 2 
 Oct  12  Nontransitive Paradoxes 
 Nov  12  Combinatorial Card Problems 
 Dec  12  Melody-Making Machines 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan  12  Anamorphic Art 
 Feb   7  Nothing 
 Mar  12  The Rubber Rope and Other Problems 
 Apr  12  Six Sensational Discoveries 
 May  12  The Császár Polyhedron 
 Jun  12  Dodgem and Other Simple Games 
 Jul  12  Tiling with Convex Polygons 
 Aug  12  Tiling with Polyominoes, Polyiamonds, and Polyhexes 
 Sep   9  Dr. Matrix (The King James Bible) 
 Oct   *  Concerning an Effort to Demonstrate ESP by Machine 
 Nov  12  Curious Maps 
 Dec  12  The Sixth Symbol and Other Problems 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan  12  Magic Squares and Cubes 
 Feb  12  Block Packing 
 Mar  12  Induction and Probability 
 Apr  15  Trivalent Graphs, Snarks, and Boojums 
 May   7  Everything 
 Jun  12  Catalan Numbers 
 Jul  12  Fun with a Pocket Calculator 
 Aug  12  Tree-Plant Problems 
 Sep  13  Conway's Surreal Numbers 
 Oct  13  Back from the Klondike and Other Problems 
 Nov   9  Dr. Matrix (Calcutta) 
 Dec  13  Mandelbrot's Fractals 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan  13  Penrose Tiling 
 Feb  13  The Oulipo 
 Mar  13  Wythoff's Nim 
 Apr  13  Pool-Ball Triangles and Other Problems  
 May  13  Mathematical Induction and Colored Hats 
 Jun  13  Negative Numbers 
 Jul  13  Cutting Shapes into N Congruent Parts 
 Aug  13  Trapdoor Ciphers 
 Sep  13  Hyperbolas 
 Oct  13  The New Eleusis 
 Nov  13  Ramsey Theory 
 Dec   9  Dr. Matrix (Stanford) 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan  13  From Burrs to Berrocal 
 Feb  13  Sicherman Dice, the Kruskal Count and Other Curiosities 
 Mar  13  Raymond Smyllyan's Logic Puzzles 
 Apr  14  White, Brown, and Fractal Music 
 May  14  The Tinkly Temple Bells 
 Jun  14  Mathematical Zoo 
 Jul  14  Charles Sanders Peirce 
 Aug  14  Twisted Prismatic Rings 
 Sep  14  The Thirty Color Cubes 
 Oct  14  Egyptian Fractions 
 Nov  14  Minimal Sculpture 
 Dec   9  Dr. Matrix (Chautauqua) 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan  14  Tangent Circles 
 Feb  14  The Rotating Table and Other Problems 
 Mar  14  Does Time Ever Stop? Can the Past Be Altered? 
 Apr  14  Generalized Ticktacktoe  
 May  14  Psychic Wonders and Probability 
 Jun  14  Mathematical Chess Problems 
 Jul  14  Douglas Hofstadter's Gödel, Escher, Bach 
 Aug  14  Imaginary Numbers 
 Sep  14  Pi and Poetry: Some Accidental Patterns 
 Oct  14  Packing Squares 
 Nov  14  Chaitin's Omega 
 Dec  15  A Toroidal Paradox and Other Problems 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jan  15  Checker Recreations 
 Feb  15  M-Pire Maps 
 Mar  15  Directed Graphs and Cannibals 
 Apr  15  Fun with Eggs 
 May  15  Dinner Guests, Schoolgirls, and Handcuffed Prisoners 
 Jun  15  The Monster and Other Sporadic Groups 
 Jul  15  The Wonders of a Planiverse 
 Aug  15  The Power of the Pigeonhole 
 Sep   9  Dr. Matrix (Istanbul) 
 Oct  15  Voting Mathematics 
 Nov  15  Taxicab Geometry 
 Dec  15  Strong Laws of Small Primes 


  Book  Chapter 
 Feb  15  Modulo Arithmetic and Hummer's Wicked Witch 
 Apr  15  Levina Seeks a Room and Other Problems 
 Jun  15  The Symmetry Creations of Scott Kim 
 Aug  15  Parabolas 
 Oct  15  Non-Euclidean Geometry 
 Dec  11  The Laffer Curve 


  Book  Chapter 
 Aug  15  Bulgarian Solitaire and Other Seemingly Endless Tasks 
 Sep  15  The Topology of Knots 


  Book  Chapter 
 Jun  15  Minimal Steiner Trees 

Note: The October 1975 column was not published in any of the books.

Book titles:

  1. Hexaflexagons and Other Mathematical Diversions: The First Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Games
  2. The Second Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions
  3. New Mathematical Diversions
  4. The Unexpected Hanging and Other Mathematical Diversions: A Classic Collection of Puzzles and Games from Scientific American
  5. Martin Gardner's 6th Book of Mathematical Diversions from Scientific American
  6. Mathematical Carnival
  7. Mathematical Magic Show
  8. Mathematical Circus
  9. The Magic Numbers of Dr. Matrix
  10. Wheels, Life, and Other Mathematical Amusements
  11. Knotted Doughnuts and Other Mathematical Entertainments
  12. Time Travel and Other Mathematical Bewilderments
  13. Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers...and the Return of Dr. Matrix
  14. Fractal Music, Hypercards, and More: Mathematical Recreations from Scientific American Magazine
  15. The Last Recreations: Hydras, Eggs, and Other Mathematical Mystifications

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