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Welcome to my Web site! Here's what you'll find here:
  • Blog - Personal news blog.
  • Personal - Personal interests, hobbies, etc.
  • Professional - Professional information.
  • Software - Some software I've written, which you may feel free to download.
  • Photos - Photographs.
  • Reference - Some useful and interesting reference material.
  • Nanopedia - Encyclopedia articles.
  • Wiki - Wiki.
On the navigation bar to the left, you'll also see links to my other sites:
  • NASA Site - My Web site at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  • PGCC Site - My Web site at Prince George's Community College.
  • SCHS Site - The Web site for my South Charleston High School class.
  • Esperanto - My Web site for the international language Esperanto.
  • Moon Rocks - My Moon rocks page.
  • S-M Comics - My Web site for S-M Comics.
  • Mouse Site - My Web site for the Mouse programming language.
  • Art Gallery - An art gallery for paintings by my grandfather, L. Stanley Kime.

See also my page for the Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park pet cemetery, where I work as a volunteer.


September 2, 2023. Geneological analysis of the song I'm my Own Grandpa

August 30, 2023. The Cheeseburger Saloon, an original short story by the ChatGPT artificial intelligence system.

January 24, 2021. Saved The President's Advisory 1776 Commission Final Report here.

October 29, 2020. Began the Inko II library of Esperanto books.

August 16, 2020. Added a table of foreign language characters on the reference page.

October 28, 2017. Uploaded the late Franko Luin's Inko library of Esperanto e-books to make them available to the Esperanto community.

July 11, 2017. Information on the 1970s Buster Brown Moon Mission Agent Wrist Kit is shown in the “Miscellaneous” section of the reference page.

May 6, 2017. Added coding forms for the DIGICOMP I computer to the reference page.

March 3, 2017. Added four new programs to the software page:

  1. Program hexdump.f90 dumps the contents of a file (byte by byte) in hexadecimal.
  2. Program octdump.f90 dumps the contents of a file (byte by byte) in octal.
  3. Subroutine filesize.f90 is a Fortran routine to determine the size of a file.
  4. Subroutine inquireu.f90 is a Fortran subroutine to inquire a file by unit.
  5. Subroutine inquiref.f90 is a Fortran subroutine to inquire a file by file name.
August 11, 2014. Added Exact Values of Trigonometric Functions at 3° Intervals on the reference page.

October 29, 2013. Added a linear interpolation routine (linterpol.f90) to the software page.

October 16, 2013. Added a summary of the U.S. Constitution to the reference page.

October 12, 2013. Added a new calendar program bigcal.f90 to print large one-month calendars to the software page.

September 8, 2013. Added a chemical elements quiz to the “Games” section of the software page. The game helps to memorize the periodic table; it prompts for atomic numbers at random, and asks the player for the corresponding element symbol.

July 17, 2013. I've updated the Esperanto Akademia Vortaro to include all words through the latest (9th, 2007) Official Supplement of the Esperanto Academy's word list.

December 15, 2012. Created German versions of Johanna Spyri's Heidi books: Heidis Lehr- und Wanderjahre and Heidi kann brauchen, was sie gelernt hat.

July 29, 2012. Added a page showing several examples total information content -- for example, the total number of bytes in the Encyclopædia Britannica and the Library of Congress.

July 7, 2012. Added a new computer-generated set of Barker's tables for the calculation of parabolic orbits in celestial mechanics. Links to the tables are available on the Reference Page and on Nanopedia.

June 24, 2012. Added a page on which to save articles I've written for Wikipedia that have been deleted from that site: Nanopedia. New articles will appear here also (but not on Wikipedia).

April 26, 2012. Added a page on Scientific Mnemonics.

January 30, 2012. Added a page on Oddities of English.

August 28, 2010. On the reference page, I've added what may be the world's first periodic tables of the elements that show the elements through element 362, element 558, and element 814.

June 30, 2010. An interpreter for the Befunge-93 programming language (befunge.f95) is now available on the software page.

April 16, 2010. I've modified program holidays.f90 on the software page to include the National Day of Prayer.

January 30, 2010. Added program pace.f90 on the software page to compute running pace, given distance and time.

November 11, 2009. I've added a list of “specialty” books (books about arcane topics).

April 20, 2009. I've modified program holidays.f90 on the software page to include Patriots' Day.

February 7, 2009. The software page now includes routines for finding the determinants and inverses of 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 matrices.

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